Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Two-Beat Bombers at Sacramento this year

Two-Beat Bombers at Sacramento 2007

Thankfully, Bill Richard's Two-Beat Bombers, a reunion band made up of top players from three or four other good bands, performed again at this year's Sacramento Jazz Jubilee. Click the image above for an album of photos from their set at the Yolo Room of the Convention Center.

Sadly, the Bombers, including Firehouse 5 Plus Two legend George Probert, were among the declining numbers of bands who play anything resembling real traditional jazz, as opposed to Tourist Dixie, Western Swing, Big Band and my personal favorite, Cajun Western Modern Bluegrass Dixie-Swing. Yeeech.

I guess the folks who run the festival, in their effort to please everyone with every form of music under the sun, have forgotten the music and musicians that got the festival started in the first place.

I realize they have to expand to bring in a wider audience to keep the festival solvent but, seriously, don't forget the girl you came to the dance with.

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